MiniBAR Closes After Questionable Inspection

MiniBAR, the cool midtown hangout just north of NE 36th Street, 

has run into some big problems. Now it's closed.

On August 19, the place's

Facebook page thanked patrons and made a brief mention of a requested health inspection. Then during the inspection on August 24, five violations were reported. Only one was deemed critical. Management couldn't present proof of Food Management Certification. But Inspectors also found standing water, faulty kitchen plumbing, water leaks, and ceiling damage.

One part of MiniBAR's website claims they boarded up "pending the outcome of a request from MiniBAR management for a health inspection." Another section

of the site claims they are moving to another location and

asks loyal customers to "assist" in their search. It reads, "we have

officially began our search to find the perfect spot for MiniBAR and

look forward to being able to serve you soon!..Should you come across a

place that reminds you of us or gives you a picture of all the above,

send information to: [email protected]"

The Florida Department Business & Professional Regulation says MiniBAR's license is "current and active." A spokesperson said they had not been notified of the closing.

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Liana Lozada