Michy's to Go Cell-Phone Free at Sensational Sundays Dinner Series

Trying to juggle parenting with running a group of successful restaurants has to be a challenge for Michelle Bernstein and her husband/partner David Martinez.

Especially when Bernstein and Martinez are planning their next restaurant concept (though that nugget of intel has been confirmed, the date, location, and concept are still a way off).

So how does a power couple ensure quality family time? Pledge to forgo cell phones, emails, and iPads on Sundays in exchange for an old-fashioned meal filled with good food and that thing we used to watch Opie and Andy and the Cleavers do around the dinner table...wait...what is it?  Oh yes..personal interaction, also known as conversation.

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Bernstein likes the idea of a place where people can enjoy good food and good conversation so much, she's turning Michy's into a cell phone-free zone on Sundays. Starting this Sunday, October 21 through November, Bernstein is hosting a weekly dinner series, entitled Sensational Sundays.

Each week, families will enjoy a special themed dinner based on seasonal

offerings and, well, whatever chef Bernstein wants to make (just like

home -- if your mom happened to cook like Michelle Bernstein).  This Sunday, Bernstein is channeling

Spain, bringing back some of her favorite dishes from Sra. Martinez and

introducing new ones.

The Sensational Sunday dinner, served

family-style, is $38 per adult, $22 per person for kids under 12

(beverages, tax, and gratuity additional). In addition, Bernstein will

hand select some wine pairings with bottles ranging from $25-$30 per

bottle, and wines by the glass priced at $6-$8.

Leave your cell phones, tablets,

Kindles, and robotic friends in the car, because if your server sees

that you haven't so much as fiddled with any electronic gadget during

dinner, everyone at the table will be rewarded with complimentary red velvet cupcakes for dessert!

Who knows what else might happen during your low-tech Sunday dinner? 

You might learn that you and your family have something to talk...and

laugh about...after all.

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