Michael's vs. Blue Door Fish: Who Makes the Better Octopus?

I recently dined at both Michael's Genuine Food & Drink and Blue Door Fish, and it just so happens I tried the octopus at both places.

Surprisingly, although they both look pretty good in photos, neither was especially successful. Each rendition was vaguely flavorful, but they paled compared to other dishes sampled at those respective restaurants.

Still, we're pitting them mano-a-mano (or tentacle-a-tentacle, as the case may be), and only one can come out on top.

Michael's Genuine serves one curled octopus tentacle with a Mediterranean garnish of gigante beans, tomatoes, olives, roasted peppers, red onions, flat leaf parsley, and olive oil. The octopus was a bit tough and bland, and while the accompaniments formed a nice salad, they didn't meld with the octopus into anything special. This item appears under the "medium" plates section of the menu and, at $16, isn't the best bang-for-buck to be had here.

Blue Door Fish served a couple of "caramelized" tentacles atop a warm potato salad flecked with Niçoise olives, garlic, shallots, and herbs. This octopus was also a tad tough and bland -- both renditions tasted pretty similar -- but I liked the potato salad more than the Med salad, and the portion was larger and a dollar less ($15).

Winner: Blue Door Fish, but I really recommend ordering other things when visiting either restaurant.

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