Courtesy of Cooking Channel
Chef Michael Schwartz's hogfish ceviche.

Michael Schwartz Cooks Hogfish Ceviche with Emeril Lagasse

Last night, the latest episode of Emeril Legasse's new series,

Fresh Food Fast

, aired on the Cooking Channel (AKA Food Network 2). The episode, titled "Farm to Table," featured local chef and James Beard Award winner Michael Schwartz.

In it, Schwartz takes Legasse to the Casablanca Fish Market, located along the Miami River, to buy freshly caught hogfish for his ceviche. They also go to Paradise Farm, where Schwartz gets a lot of the ingredients used everyday at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink.

Both chefs cooked together on a rooftop that we are pretty sure wasn't located in Miami, which sort of diluted the whole "eat local" message. (Don't get us wrong. We appreciated the highlights on Casablanca and Paradise Farm.) Then Lagasse made an uncomfortable joke of the crabs being happy to be put in a pot of seasoned boiling water. Er, we're sure they were screaming with delight.

If you didn't catch it, we aren't sure when it will air again. (According to the Cooking Channel's site, not any time this week. And it's not available online; we checked.) But you can try to make Schwartz's ceviche at home, since the full recipe is available online.

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