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Miami's Top Ten Inexpensive Restaurants

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4. La Sandwicherie

If you aren't from Miami but really want to act like you are, follow these instructions. Proceed to a local's bar in South Beach (say, the Room or the Abbey Brewing Company). Drink copious amounts of beer. Stumble over to Mac's Club Deuce. Drink some more. Once it is past 3 a.m. and you are hungry, cross the street to the alley to La Sandwicherie. There, you will find some of the best sandwiches around. There's saucisson sec (French salami, $7.50), prosciutto and fresh mozzarella ($9.05), or plain mozzarella and avocado ($7.40). There's a choice of bread: French, wheat, or croissant. But, as any Miamian knows, at La Sandwicherie, it's all about the house-made vinaigrette (French dressing) and the toppings -- lettuce, tomatoes, green and hot peppers, black onions, onions, cucumbers, and cornichons. So keep a bottle of dressing nearby. Each bite tastes better with an extra squirt.

3. Josh's Deli

Joshua Marcus does a lot from scratch at his Surfside restaurant, Josh's Deli. He cures salmon, smokes pastrami, bakes bagels, and makes amazing matzo ball soup. He's also the man behind the counter every single day. Marcus keeps prices low; sandwiches are all under $14, and breakfast items (including his white chocolate chip pancakes) are almost all below $10. But good cooking is not the only reason why he's on this list. Marcus mans the kitchen daily. So sit by his counter, order coffee, read the paper, and chat. Watch the stream of regulars greet the deli's owner with hugs and kisses. That's when you'll comprehend why Josh's is among the best inexpensive restaurants. It's because he has one of the most laid-back, familiar neighborhood spots in town.

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