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Miami's Top Ten Inexpensive Restaurants

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6. My Ceviche

The octopus burrito at My Ceviche is among the greatest burritos in town. A grilled flour tortilla is stuffed with tender braised octopus, coconut-jasmine rice, cilantro, pickled red onion, queso fresco, corn, and rich Mexican crema ($9.95). The restaurant's bill of fare includes also ceviches, stone crabs, tacos (one for $3.50), salads, and more. But what truly sets My Ceviche apart are its young owners: Sam Gorenstein and Roger Duarte. Gorenstein was once the executive chef of the Raleigh Hotel. Duarte owns George Stone Crab, a brand that ships South Florida's most prized sea creatures across the nation. The duo is energetic and enterprising. Consider this: My Ceviche began as a small seafood takeaway adjacent to a hostel in South Beach. It now has a second, fast-casual location in Brickell. And many more are sure to come.

5. Harry's Pizzeria

There are many things to love about Harry's Pizzeria, the Design District pie joint owned by Michael Schwartz. It is inexpensive. Pizzas are sharable and are all priced below $15. Pies are creative. There is rock shrimp pizza, topped with grilled lemon, manchego cheese, and scallions ($15). There are also craft beers, good wines, and Hedy Goldsmith's desserts. But you can get much more than just pizza at Harry's. Order the polenta fries with house-made spicy ketchup ($6). Try the meatballs -- three tender balls smothered in a rich tomato sauce and topped with cheese ($7). Order salad, soup, or perhaps homemade focaccia. Finish it all off with panna cotta ($6). Harry's might be known as a pizzeria, but when you're searching for an inexpensive bite, it can be so much more.

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