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Miami's Top Five Vegetable Cocktails: Healthy Vodka, Gin and More

Think beyond the fruit-forward tropical drinks and the tomato in your Bloody Mary. There are a variety of vegetable-based cocktails to sip on in Miami.

Forget juicing and get more creative (and boozy!) on how to get more vegetables in your diet for 2015.

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5. Touche-tini at Touche Rooftop Lounge and Restaurants

The cocktail menu may be new to Touche, but this cucumber and basil beverage has some very familiar notes. The Touche-tini ($14) with Stoli, simple syrup, lemon juice, muddled cucumber and basil is light and herbaceous. Since it is practically a salad, you can keep on ordering them until the vodka hits.

4. Artichoke Sour at Dolce Italian

Artichokes are vegetables flowers thistles like no other and this drink will easily put you in a chokehold. The Italian, artichoke-based bitter liqueur known as Cynar is combined with lime juice, sugar, gin, egg whites and bitters for a cocktail with many layers before you get to the heart of it. Even better, the artichoke sour is only $8 during Happy Hour and the restaurant is soon to be featured on Bravo's Best New Restaurant.

3. Bell Pepper Gimlet at The Dutch

Bell peppers have been the star of a bevy of beverages at The Dutch but the newest iteration about to grace the menu is a show stopper. The Red Bell Smash ($15) with white corn whiskey, yellow Chartreuse, red bell pepper, basil and honey rang our bell for sure, but that was a drink of menus past. Ring in the new year with a yellow bell (pepper). The yellow bell pepper gimlet with gin and this sweet veggie coloring and flavoring brings this cocktail to another level.

2. Emerald Smoke at Radio Bar

Radio Bar is a favorite amongst South Beach dwellers where the cocktails are always expertly crafted and the menu is constantly revolving. A favorite is the Emerald Smoke ($12) with a jalapeño-açaí liqueur, kale, cucumber, lime, and mezcal. It is clear to see where the heat and the smoke come from but the kale and cucumber may have you thinking that you have a cold-pressed juice from neighboring Jugofresh.

1. Beet Mojito at Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

If you think Miami has a million mojito variations, you are correct. Beyond the blackberry and watermelon mojitos there are things like beets on the other side and they simply can't be beat. The beet mojito has fresh mint and beet infused Bacardi Superior for a beautiful color and subtle sweetness.

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