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Miami's Ten Best Underrated Restaurants

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8. Primo Trattoria Italiana

Miami has no shortage of Italian restaurants, but once you remove the high-end ones and the Argentine-influenced ones, you're left with very few. Primo falls into this category. It offers everything a neighborhood Italian joint should: homemade pasta and a sense of family (husband, wife, and teenage son all work there); the family story is even printed on the menu. Fresh pastas include homemade gnocchi, ravioli, and lasagna; top them with your choice of simmering sauce. Your food will come out piping-hot and made with love.

7. Molina's Ranch Restaurant

Miami has tons of good Cuban food, but Molina's in Hialeah is a notch above the rest. It consistently delivers high-quality eats. And the multipage menu is so large that local abogados advertise in it. While you peruse the list, order the tostones rellenos de camarones ($12). This irresistible dish features shrimp stuffed into little edible baskets made with tostones. Service isn't quick, so take your time deciding between the lechón asado and the vaca frita.

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