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Miami's Ten Best Cuban Restaurants

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10. Villa Habana

Located on Coral Way, Villa Habana has many respectable attributes. Consider, for example, its fast service, cheap lunch specials, rowdy regulars, and classic Cuban dishes. The menu features old standbys, like ropa vieja, vaca frita, and chicharrón de pollo. So what if they aren't doing anything too special? This mom-and-pop eatery makes the list because it's just downright charming, affordable, and all-around consistent.

9. Chico's Restaurant

Chico's gets a spot in the top ten for several reasons. First, the Hialeah joint sells 25 croquetitas for $4.50. That alone deserves some serious recognition. Then there are other factors. For more than 30 years, this eatery has served chuletas, lechón asado, and, on the weekends, rabo encendido. It also serves a damn good arroz frito. Think a Cuban version of fried rice. It works. Trust us.

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