Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Tacos, Pumpkins, and Cooking Demos

How is it already October? Oktoberfest has started. Pumpkin patches are popping up. Kids are deciding what they want to be for halloween. And we're all, ooh, how can I incorporate cinnamon and pumpkin flavors into my cocktail?


Anyway, this weekend is über family-friendly. From taco desserts (a good idea after school!) to pumpkin patches and kid celebrity book signings and cooking demos, we've got your familial fix. Next weekend we can go back to be selfish adults.

National Taco Day - Friday

Last night I helped my nephew with a project for school. He had to make a posterboard and a paper doll displaying his family's heritage. So we made a mariachi suit out of cloth and leather for the doll, and we made flags and paper tacos for the board. Good thing today is National Taco Day. Huahua's, Eating House, and Taco Belly are all getting into the taco state of mind and serving up the good. Taco Belly will be offering 2-for-1 Tecate beers and traditional tacos for lunch (carne asada, pescado, cochinillo, and others). Eating House will be offering 3-for-$9 pig face tacos during dinner. That's pork cheek, tongue and ear-stuffed corn tortillas topped with cabbage slaw, roasted lime, and sous chef Sra. Lip's salsa. Huahua's is starting on a sweet note and offering apple pie tacos ($3.49) -- cinnamon-coated fried flour tortilla, flan, apple pie filling, and whipped cream.

Young Turks BBQ - Friday

Did you think we wouldn't find a food angle to the III Points festival this weekend? Nonsense! There are always drinks somewhere. But in this case, it's more than drinks. Cafeina in Wynwood will be hosting the Young Turks BBQ. No one is sure who exactly will be performing at the shindig, but, rest assured that Gigi will be providing the BBQ bites from 6 to 10 p.m.

Reed Alexander at Willams-Sonoma - Saturday

You may not recognize the name Reed Alexander, but ask the 10 year old sitting next to you and he or she will know exactly who that is and say, "OMG, it's Nevel!" Strap in the kids and head over to Williams-Sonoma on Lincoln Road this Saturday for Alexander's book signing and cooking demo. He's currently promoting his book Kewl Bites, which offers family-friendly recipes.

Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Fest - Saturday & Sunday

How is it even remotely possible that pumpkin season is upon us. It makes no sense. We were just celebrating the Fourth of July. Hell, it feels like we just rang in the new year. What gives? The Grove is throwing its annual Pumpkin Patch Festival at Peacock Park Saturday and Sunday from 10a.m. to 6 p.m. There will be rides for the kids and and beer garden for the adults. Pick out a pumpkin, or dress up a scarecrow, and munch at the pumpkin food court. $10 GA, $15 for kids. Find more info here.

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