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Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Piping Hot Ramen, Guarapo Cocktails, and Pisco Sour Brunch

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Get Your Noodle On at Noodle Head

If you consider yourself a noodle head then do yourself a favor and check out Jeremiah Bullfrog's aptly named shipping container Noodle Head. You can find it a couple of lots behind Wood Tavern. Just look out for the carnival-esque sign that says Eat. The name of the game here is noodles (all kinds of pasta shapes with toppings like brisket ragu), but given the weather you'll want to go with the ramen special, which is being served tonight. It includes smoked pork, fresh noodles, spicy broth, kale, brocollini, and an egg cooked to order.

Cricket Nelson Serves You Drinks at Wunder Bar

When you think of women in Miami that know how to make a mean drink, one name comes to mind: Cricket Nelson. Well, the master mixologist has been tasked with curating the cocktail program at Wunder Bar, a cozy bar at Circa 39 soft-opening today. Order yourself up a guarapo cocktail served in a handmade bamboo glass, or maybe a whole organic green coconut is more your style. It comes with a shot of your preferred rum on the side. If you want to skip the fruit, you can always just do a rum flight. Nelson is serving that up too, and lots more. So swing by and grab a seat at the kitchen bar, in the communal dining room table, living room, or outside by the pool. "It's like our own little home," says Nelson.

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