Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Cafecito, Cinema, and Cocktails

We knew you thought this weekend was all about laying low. After all, school just started and the big "last unofficial party of the summer", Labor Day is next week.

But this is Miami, where the sun shines and there's always something to do -- like drinking exotic sriracha-infused cocktails in a replica of a Thai night market or going out to dinner and a movie.

Thankfully, we also have coffee. Lots and lots of good, strong Cuban coffee.

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Take a Trip to Thailand (Without Leaving South Beach)

You've always wanted to explore Thailand's temples and wander the streets of Bangkok. But that image of the women's prison from the movie Brokedown Palace stuck in your mind every time you went to buy that plane ticket. Forget the 12-hour flight and go to Patpong Road instead. It's the weekend-only bar upstairs from Khong River House that features murals of sexy ladies, sriracha-infused drinks served in plastic bags, meat-on-a-stick, and Prince on the sound system. It's just like being in Thailand -- without the fear of landing in a Thai work camp.

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Beautiful Food

It's been said we eat with our eyes and that's true. No matter how delicious we know something's going to taste, it's got to look appealing, too. The documentary Food Design explores how color, form, smell, sound, and design are all important in the big picture of making -- and enjoying -- the meals we eat. The film is being shown, Friday, August 23 at 7 p.m. at the Wolfsonian-FIU in South Beach. Tickets for the film are available for $10. RSVP at programs@thewolf.fiu.edu or call 305-535-2644.

Dinner and Drinks

Miami Spice is nearly halfway over and that begs the question: how many restaurants have you dined at? With nearly 200 choices, you've got three days and nights in which to catch up on your Spicing. Can't decide where to go? Why not peruse our favorite weekend brunch choices, our favorite weekend dinner menus, or (better yet)..look at these restaurants that offer deals on wine, beer, or cocktails.


To keep up with a Miami weekend, you're going to need to fuel up with some good, strong coffee.

If you're in the Hialeah area, why not stop into one of the four newly remodeled Dunkin' Donuts? In addition to a facelift, these new beauties feature free WiFi and laptop bars (because heaven forbid if you're offline for just a minute). Drop by on Saturday, August 24 and treat yourself to $.25 espressos and cortaditos; $1caramel iced coffees; and $1.99 Cuban sandwiches at any of the locations, starting at 12:01 a.m. (perfect for jittery students and people training for a marathon). The offer is good at the following locations only:

  • 535 Hialeah Drive, Miami
  • 2360 West 68th Street, Hialeah
  • 1165 East 49th Street, Hialeah
  • 845 East 49th Street, Hialeah

If you're in Wynwood, drop by Enriqueta's and check out the new look! The beloved cafe, which closed for several months due to an electrical fire, has reopened. The place may be all shiny and new -- but the menu is unchanged..and that's a good thing, indeed. Any time's a good time for a little vaca frita action, but when the clock strikes 3:05, raise a cup of liquid rocket fuel and celebrate Miami's official cafecito time!

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