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Miami's Best Eats and Drinks this Weekend: Back to School and a 20 Buck Wine Class

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Whole Foods Back-to-School

Whole Foods Market in Pinecrest is hosting a back-to-school celebration this Saturday, August 17, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There you'll find a schedule of events to help parents with last minute tendencies. At 8 a.m., the first 100 kids will receive a free Whole Foods Market book bag with back-to-school items inside. Who knows what the goodies will be but since it's Whole Foods, it's bound to be good stuff. From 11 a.m. - noon: Get some hands-on help with lunches. Maria Massana, a healthy eating specialist, is hosting demonstrations for parents and kids on how to make healthy, tasty school lunches. From noon - 2 p.m. there will be a storewide sampling featuring healthy and creative lunchbox items. You can sample free products throughout the store, vote for your favorites and enter to win a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card. The first 100 customers to turn in their ballot will receive a free thermal lunch bag.

Brownbag Shopping

Fair enough, so brownbag shopping for your kids' lunches sounds more like a panic attack than a good time waiting to happen. We feel you. But, listen, we consulted with the city's top toques to give you some neat ideas for inspiration. Your kid's lunch neighbor sitting across the table will have a whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich, a bag of chips, and a juice box. Your kid, on the other hand, will have a specially curated lunch experience inspired by the likes of chefs Allen Susser and Jose Mendin. Try a simple falafel wrap that's as easy as rolling into little balls and wrapping in a spinach wrap. Or a homemade flatbread with cheese and veggies. Our personal favorite that we'll be trying out this year [on the days we're summoned to babysit] is an apple banana nut cereal bar which looks just as tasty as it sounds, and the recipe doesn't look hard to boot. Check all of the recipes out here: Short Order's Back to School Brownbags

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