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Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

Assuming you've physically recovered from all the alcohol, and emotionally recovered from all the debaucheries on NYE, we gather that you're in desperate need for a low-key weekend.

Believe it or not, Miami has plenty of those.

With that in mind, here now are Miami's best eats and drinks this weekend -- perfect for your post-New Year's Eve recovery strategy.

(And, hey, if you didn't have one before, you have one now.)


Visit your favorite restaurant. You totally deserve it. And if you think about it, you probably haven't eaten there since last year. Get it?? Anyway, Tudor House is no more, and Cooper Avenue is scheduled to open back up in the springtime of this year. But, everyone's favorite pop-up bar resurrected in December, Barceloneta opened a location in Coral Gables, and Brickellites can now enjoy some serious ramen at Momi. Lots to eat and plenty to choose from!

Attempt to detox. Notice we said the word attempt. Perhaps the biggest double-edged sword that comes with the bragging rights of living in Miami is that we're all about being fit and beautiful. On the other hand, we're all about good food. And while Miami's food scene may not quite reach the levels of New York or LA, we put up a good fight. But how can we stay fit and delicious-looking when there's great food surrounding us everywhere?! Here we provide you with a step-by-step process of how to detox your body of impurities.


Cleanse by juice. No, it's not a fancy perfume with a celebrity name on it, but it will save your figure if you can stick to it. Take note of the 4 tips we provide you to ease the process of a solid juice cleanse (pun not intended). Resolutions will come and go, but perhaps today you can set your sights on doing one thing for yourself, and see it through. bikini season will thank you.


Throw a Downton Abbey watch party Fanatics of Downton Abbey, listen up. D-Day is Sunday, are you ready for the premier? The best way to celebrate it gather all of your Downton Abbey obsessed friends in one living room, whip up smoked salmon pinwheels and Yorkshire puddings. We totally won't judge if you raid your closet in search of an outfit that would fit the era. We do it all the time.

Check out the places we visited this week:



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