Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

The weekend's here, folks! And in its wake come hot and tasty things going on around the 305.

This weekend we have everything from a Buffalo Brown show to a whole lotta beer, to a beer heaven's weekend inauguration, to famers' markets (where beer is probably sold).

Really, why ask for anything more?


Buffalo Brown and DJ Keen One at The Well: Buffalo Brown is the kind of guy who's been playing guitar for so long that the music plays him -- it's no longer the other way around. And not only are his calloused hands (probably) in the Guinness Book of World Records (for most "guitared" hands EVER), but the next best thing to watching him do his thing live on stage, is doing so with a big ol' pint of beer at arm's reach.


Hatuey Cerveza Artwork Unveiling at Coral Gables Museum: Earlier this month, Hatuey announced they needed some artistic noggin to help out with rejuvenated brand artwork -- naturally, they took to the streets of Miami and held a contest. This Saturday, the artist's artwork who was chosen as the brand's official new artwork will be unveiled. And there will be free beer and food.

Democratic Republic of Beer in Downtown: DRB answered Miami's wishes and will open a new location Friday. Compared the the original location near the Arsht Center, this location has much more indoor capacity and a covered outdoor area. Spacing may have changed, but the dang'on delicious beers haven't. And a new menu will pair beer and dishes from their respective countries.


Pinecrest Gardens Farmers' Market: Beer is awesome, but sometimes you need a break. That's what farmers' markets are for. They're Miami's chance to relax -- when it's too cold for the beach. Grab some seasonal produce for the week, maybe some char-grilled chicken for lunch, a Copperpots jam or two, and enjoy a Sunday. We don't get weather like this every weekend.

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