Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

While everyone else in Miami throws on their second pair of neon sequined tutus and triangle bikinis, foodies will be eating their way through the city.

This week, James Beard Award nominees Jeff McInnis and Hedy Goldsmithadvanced to the finals, and the proper way to celebrate such pride in our hometown is to eat and drink.

Perhaps check out McInnis's Yardbird or one of 50 Eggs' other restaurants around town, such as Khong or Swine. Or swing by Michael's Genuine for one of Goldsmith's desserts. But if neither grabs your attention (you were probably there last weekend anyway), we have a few other ideas for your weekend eats and drinks in Miami.

Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend
Sony Open

Sony Open Tennis

Wonder how all of those ridiculously svelte tennis players stay so fit? They eat. Well, they work out and play hours and hours of tennis a day, but before they do anything else, they eat. Miami's most popular tennis tournament draws people from all over the world to witness athletes kick some major ass. For some spectators, the Sony Open is strictly sport. For others, it's eye candy. But for us, it's also a feast. We enjoy a good glass of champagne and an empanada or two along with our tennis and beautiful people. So here's a convenient guide for those going to watch a match.

Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

Brickell Food & Wine Festival

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is fabulous, but it's expensive for the average joe. Tickets that cost $150, crowds, and the sodium intake from the prepackaged ramen noodles you consume because you can't afford anything else for a week after can really take a toll. That's why we like to keep things local every once in a while. The Brickell Food & Wine Festival costs just $10 for general admission, and you can nibble on goods from participating restaurants for prices ranging between $1 to $8. If the kids are with you, you can take them to the free kids' zone and enjoy the afternoon perusing Brickell's bites and drinks.

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