Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

As with all things, this week must come to an end.

Umm... it's not like we're complaining, though.

Check it out, gourmands: We've got a mini-list for you of the best food happenings this weekend.

The weather's supposed to be awesome throughout the next two days, so hoist up your stretchy pants -- food and libations await.


French Spice: Oh, mon cheries, life is so, so good here in Miami. Everywhere we turn, someone is trying to feed us. Really, though, it's true. If you think about the local food and restaurant industry, we truly have quite the thing going to give locals the optimal chance to try everything in the city at least once. And that's where the French step in. In the wake of Miami Spice, the 305's summer stomach grumble, comes French Spice. Essentially the same concept, only specializing in French restaurants and cuisine. Prices for two and three course lunches are $15 and $25. Dinners are $35 and $50, depending where you go. Trust, though, there are plenty eateries to choose from -- and you have all month to try each one.


Thighs and Pies Pie Contest and Picnic: Like we said, Miami is just plain ol' awesome. In yet another effort to bring the community together by way of palate pleasures, Thighs and Pies Pie Contest and Picnic, hosted by Miami's Slowfood chapter, is the perfect Saturday plan for families (or even a daytime date). Local pie pros will battle for first prize, and South Florida farmers will be there offering words of wisdom and vittles.

Knaus Berry Farms: Thanks to the lords of food, Knaus Berry Farms in the Redlands is open again. Strawberry season is just starting, the weather is beyond perfect, and basically, you have no soul if this doesn't sound appealing to you. But, hey, who are we to judge? If you head down to Miami's favorite Amish farm this weekend, don't forget to bring cash, and an appetite for the most deliciously fresh strawberry smoothies and earth-stopping, life-changing cinnamon rolls. Do we really need to twist your arm?


Backyard Boogie: It's not Grandpa's code word for getting Grandma to agree to hip-breaking hanky panky. No, no. Backyard Boogie is one of the coolest, laid back gigs in town where people from all over the city gather for food, music, and good beer. We won't even bother arguing that since it's Fall, autumn blends are on tap everywhere -- and that should be incentive enough.

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