Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

Is it safe to say that Tropical Storm Andrea was a real pisser for those of us in Dade County? Here we were thinking there would, at the very least, be downpours overnight, maybe a little flash flooding, a power flicker or two. But, no. Nothing. The only thing that happened was our satellite went out. Thanks, Direct TV!

Still, we're not going to let that dampen our weekend (ha! See what we did there?).

From a bloody Mary brunch to batidos de trigo and barbecue, here are Miami's best eats and drinks this weekend.

Tongue & Cheek Weekend Brunch

You keep reading about Tongue & Cheek all over Twitter. Your Instagram is flooded with photos of tall bloody Marys and group shots of friends. But you have yet to make it into the place just yet. Now's your chance. Jamie DeRosa's restaurant launched its brunch program last weekend, but we suggest going now because you never really know what kind of kinks first-time-services could yield. In its second weekend, things should run like a well-oiled machine. Stop by for some free coffee and a newspaper. Stay for the brown butter pecan buns ($4), and the King crab Benedict with Tabasco hollandaise ($15). For dessert, $8 fire-in-the-hole bloody Marys. Brunch is served.

Cocktails at Regent

Did you know that a home-grown boy of ours was a hairline close to winning a national mixology competition and representing the entire country in a worldwide mix off? Now you know. Miami's favorite bartender, Julio Cabrera, has been splashing the Magic City with good news pretty much since he started in the biz, but this week, he tied at the U.S. Bartender of the Year Finals. After a death-match mix off, his opponent claimed victory, but know that Cabrera comes home with his pride and his city to support him. That being said, head over to Regent Cocktail Club and try something of his. We shouldn't have to twist your arm for it.

Let Out Your Spur-Hate Over Barbecue

OK, so we were a few points shy from winning last night's game, and therefore taking the first game of the NBA Finals. It's OK. It's fine. Our boys on The Heat know what's at stake, and more importantly, know what it takes to win. BECAUSE THEY'VE DONE THAT SHIT BEFORE. So, Spurs who? Exactly. We don't even need Texas. It's one big barren land of smoke plumes and oil rigs and cranky old country men. And they can keep their damn barbecue, because we've got our own. Feel us? We've got a lot of hate built up for the San Antonio Spurs, which is why this weekend, we plan on letting it all out during an eating rage at Pride & Joy. Or Sparky's. Or Uncle Tom's. Or Bulldog Barbecue.

Cuban Spree

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around about the fate of one of our favorite restaurants in Miami. What will become of Enriqueta's? What will become of the best pan con bistec in Miami? What will become of it?! It's all up in the air right now. But, in preparation for its hopefully-soon comeback, we first have to grease up the Cuban in us. Hey now! No, but really, in preparation for la tia Enriqueta's return, we propose a Cuban spree at one or two or even three of Miami's best Cuban restaurants. The pre-opening lechon asado and pre-comeback batidos de trigo should oil you up nice and well so you're completely prepared when it opens its doors again.

After-Rent Tapas

Listen, we just shelled out a huge portion of our paycheck to pay rent, so since we still have another week until we're paid again, we totally feel the heat. Or, our bank account feels it, at least. Since we completely understand, you know, being broke and all, we have one final suggestion for the penny-pincher reading this: Head over to Rincon Escondido for some cheap tapas. The Edgewater spot may not be much to look at on the outside or inside, but it's what's inside that counts. Wait, what? What we mean is, it's what's inside those crispy, crunchy croquetas de bacalao that counts. That's where it's at this weekend. $7 brings six of those bad boys. Six! If tapas aren't your fancy, try a larger plate for ten bucks. Put it this way: No matter what you order, it's work to rack up the bill.

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