Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

Are you ready for the weekend? Of course you're not (because you're not finished reading this list).

As part of our loving devotion to you, we've put together the best food-related things to do this weekend and all of them are worth a shot.

Oktoberfest is here, so we've got beer. Hedy Goldsmith got her cookbook published so we've got something sweet. At some point, you'll probably have a hangover, so we have remedies for that.

Do we really need to push on further?

Take a look at the best eats and drinks Miami has to offer this weekend.


Oktoberfest Brickell: Hope you have your lederhosen starched and pressed, y'all. Because das bier ist hier and thank god for that! If you're not in the Oktoberfest mood yet, tonight should speed up the pace for you. Brickell's got a three-day long fest of beer, beer, and beer and you're invited. Fluency in Deutsch is not required and neither is a passport. All you need is an appetite for bites and beer (and probably babes, but whatever).


Normandy Village Marketplace: In highly likely event that you're ridiculously hung over from Oktoberfesting last night, a nice trip to the farmers market should do you some good. So will a fresh fruit smoothie with ice to cool your sweat and antioxidants to rid your body of all the alcohol. Hey, listen, we're not here to judge. Only to help. Pick up some flowers for mom, while you're at it. Good deeds are all a part of the Short Order cleansing process.


Baking Out Loud Book Signing No body puts Hedy in the corner! Unless it's at Book & Books for a book signing. That's right, kitten, Michael's Genuine's Hedy Goldsmith is finally back in town after a busy few weeks of planes, trains, and automobiles promoting her new cookbook. Pick up her book, have some bourbon, and bask in the glory of your soon-to-be awesome dinner party desserts.

Lincoln Road Farmers Market: Like we said, we're not here to judge, people. In case you partied hard last night (how could you not with all of the weekend's options?) perhaps another trip to the farmers market would be nice. And even if you're not knee-deep in a hangover, Lincoln Road's market is still a nice Sunday outing. Everything from produce, to vintage clothing, to handmade jewelry and art will be at your feet. How can you say no? (Hint: Ya can't!)

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