Miami, You've Been Punked!

If you've been noticing some weirder-than-usual news coming at you today, better double check the calendar!

That's right, bitches -- it's April Fools' Day and there were plenty of websites and companies that punked us, but good. We especially liked Twitter wanting to charge for vowels and Google's new smell-technology. Kudos to Sprint for their new ultra-high-tech specs, too!

But, of course, our favorites are food-related and many local blogs got in on the action. Here are our favorites:

Burger Beast /a> went meatless with his new Vegan Vulture site.

Miami Power Rankings bumped Naoe and added some new favorites like Bahama Breeze, Chicken Kitchen, and Hooters. Our only question: With all the cheesy restaurants in Miami, why add Fin and Q -- two restaurants that have been closed for ages -- to the list?

Chat Chow went for a feline audience with their switch to an all-cat format for the day.

OMG! We received so many emails about In-and-Out Burger's expansion to Miami. Too bad it's fake, folks! Thanks for the let-down the305.com. We had our hopes dashed to the ground.

We thought we were being clever -- until Eater Miami caught on. We sooo would have eaten at Kravings, too!

Clean Plate Charlie announced the opening of a Mad Men themed cocktail lounge at Fort Lauderdale airport where if you get too drunk, a shock collar will wake you for your flight. Also a fake.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.