Hales' Nashville hot fried chicken is on Bird & Bone's Spice lunch menu.EXPAND
Hales' Nashville hot fried chicken is on Bird & Bone's Spice lunch menu.
Courtesy of Bird & Bone

Miami Spice 2017: Try Bird & Bone's Hot Chicken Sandwich and Cuban Grilled Cheese for Lunch

Miami Spice is in full swing. More than 200 restaurants are offering discounted lunch, brunch, and dinner menus for an accessible $23 and $39 through the end of September.

This year, Bird & Bone, chef Richard Hales' Southern restaurant inside the Confidante, has one of the best-valued Spice lunches. The three-course meal, which includes many of Hales' most popular plates, offers about a 30 percent discount compared to a regularly priced lunch at the restaurant.

Florida cheddar and chive biscuitsEXPAND
Florida cheddar and chive biscuits
Courtesy of Bird & Bone

The Spice menu, which is available daily during lunch, gives customers two options per course. For an appetizer, choose either Florida cheddar and chive biscuits, which are baked to order and served with house-made strawberry preserves, or black-eyed pea soup with a hint of citrus zest. Both plates normally cost $7 to $9.

For the main course, opt for the Nashville hot chicken sandwich, stuffed with Hales' signature fried bird. The chicken is seasoned with a blend of cayenne pepper, hot paprika, ground mustard, and garlic. It's placed on a sliced Zak the Baker brioche bun and garnished with honey, pickles, and house-made mustard. While you enjoy the crunchy exterior and moist and tender meat, the heat creeps up on you, but it's balanced by the richness of the toppings. Outside of Spice, the sandwich alone costs $14.

Hales' Cuban sandwichEXPAND
Hales' Cuban sandwich
Courtesy of Bird & Bone

The menu also offers a Cuban grilled cheese, regularly priced at $16. The sandwich is served on crisp slices of medianoche bread and filled with pulled pork, Benton’s ham, pickled red onion, Swiss cheese, house-made mustard, and pickle slices.

Fried apple hand piesEXPAND
Fried apple hand pies
Courtesy of Bird & Bone

End lunch with an order of fried apple hand pies, coated in sugar and served with a side of salted caramel, or try a hot fudge sundae topped with candied walnuts. Desserts are normally priced between $9 and $11.

On average, customers who dine at Bird & Bone during Spice save about $10 off the regular menu.

Bird & Bone. 4041 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-424-1234; birdandbone.com. The Miami Spice lunch menu is offered daily.

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