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Miami’s Five Best Outdoor Beer Gardens

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3. Brick House 
Another Wynwood spot is Brick House. With its craft beer selection and live music offerings, it’s a unique take on a beer garden. It offers a variety of pub grub and specialty bourbon ideal for late-night snacking. Popular items range from barbecue-laced mac ($5) to a chicken waffle sandwich ($8). The tree-lined patio lends a classic feel, while the murals remind you that you're in the city's artistic hub.

2. Lou's Beer Garden
The good spots in Miami Beach tend to be hidden, and Lou’s Beer Garden is no exception. Found behind an old boutique hotel, Lou’s has a beer selection that is so massive it offers craft tastings ($12) for those who can't choose just one beer. Lou's is also known for its pub-style food, especially the mini crabcakes ($15). The ambiance is best described as a cross between laid-back, thanks to its tropical vibe, and classic, owing to its poolside proximity.

1. Bikini Hostel Beer Garden
Bikini Hostel (1255 West Ave., Miami Beach) is the place to go if you’re looking for drinks and food that won’t break the bank. The craft beer menu features 42 selections from countries ranging from the UK to Mexico and Costa Rica. The Israeli Maccabee ($3.15) and Spanish Mahou ($3.95) are favorites. Bikini's relaxed South Beach style has made it a go-to among those in the know. But the menu and friendly hostel atmosphere are what keep locals and visitors alike coming back time after time.

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