Miami Marlins Opening Day Cake: Swarovski Crystals and Guava

Sometimes the Publix Bakery just doesn't cut it. Jeffrey Loria, owner of the Miami Marlins, commissioned an opening day cake to celebrate the April 4 inaugural game (in which they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals, by the way). About a month ago, Loria placed a phone call to the good people at Divine Delicacies Cakes asking for a ballpark stadium replica cake capable of feeding 800 people. No big deal.

Divine Delicacies was notified in advance that it would be presented in Loria's suite for his 50 VIP guests. It was made with red velvet, guava cream cheese, vanilla rum, and marble chocolate batters. And if four different flavors in one cake weren't extravagant enough, the cake's ballpark top even had a retractable ceiling.

Here's the best part, though; the Miami Marlins monogram M was custom created with more than 3,600 Swarovski crystals.

"It took us two weeks just to work on the sugar parts of the cake," said Divine Delicacies director of sales, Laura Candeau, "and two days for the bottom cake part."

See photos of the extravagance after the jump.

"It was an amazing experience and we felt very honored to be part of the grand opening on such a special day," she said.

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