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Miami Gets Its Very Own Eater

Good news Miami! Food site Eater has deemed us worthy enough of our very own section on its site. Helmed by Miami Herald gossip columnist Lesley Abravanel, the Miami section of Eater is sure to keep us in the loop of the Magic City's foodie scene. Plenty of local blogs have also gotten some link love including Food For Thought, Mango & Lime and, of course, Short Order. In fact, critic Lee Klein is even has his own tag.

But what does Eater mean for Miami? Who better to answer that question -- and more -- than Abravanel.

New Times: Why do you think Eater chose to expand to Miami? Do you think it reflects on Miami rapidly growing restaurant and food culture?

Lesley Abravanel: First off, it's about time! But really, think about it. It's a natural progression. Eater has been  a presence in the usual suspects--NY, LA, San Fran. When they decided to launch nationally they couldn't ignore Miami, a place where people are willing to go into foreclosure to eat at the latest 'it' restaurant. Just kidding--sort of. But really. It seems as if a new bar or restaurant, big name or mom and pop, is opening on a weekly basis down here despite the economy. We've got edible stimulus going on and yes, Eater's entry into Miami is absolutely a reflection on our emerging restaurant and food culture. People are tired of always hearing about what we don't have down here. Eater is here as the cheerleader of what we actually do--and will--have.

NT: What's your role with the site?

LA: I am the editor and currently the sole writer of the site.

NT: Will there be more Miami Eaters joining the team soon?

LA: We are totally open to adding more correspondents and would love to hear from people.

NT: There are a lot of links to local food blogs. Is the local foodie community on the web an integral part of Eater Miami?

LA: Definitely. One of Eater's mission statements is to do the best job

aggregating all the great food content being created by bloggers and

media in each city they're in. So yes, yes, we'll keep linking everyone

like crazy! Bring it!

We're definitely excited to see what Eater has to bring to the local

foodie community. So let us be the first to welcome Eater to Miami.

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