Miami Election Day Dining Deals and Freebies, From Villa Mayfair to Shake Shack UPDATED

We've heard all your excuses to not vote. The long lines, the confusing amendments, and how could your vote possibly count?

We could tell you that voting is your civic duty, or that if you don't vote you don't have the right to complain for the next four years. But the real reason to vote?

Free swag!

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We've put together a list of places where you can get free ice cream, food, and even booze -- just for casting a ballot.


Update: We've added some restaurants and deals to this list, including Haven, Latin Burger & Taco, and DB Bistro Moderne. From swanky to casual -- there's a party and a freebie with your name on it (as long as your name begins with "I voted").

Haven Gastro-Lounge
Haven will serve as South Beach's unofficial watch party site for election night 2012 with streaming live coverage of voting results on its high definition wrap-around walls beginning at 6pm. Did you vote? Show your sticker and get 15%-off your total bill.

DB Bistro Moderne
Get swanky with a complementary Kettle One cocktail -- free when you present your voter registration card. Watch the results on television all evening.

660 At The Angler's
On Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, voters who come in to 660 At The Angler's wearing their "I voted" stickers will receive a free beer or glass of wine. Free parking during lunch.

Villa Mayfair
Villa Mayfair reopens with a casual menu, flat-screen televisions, and free bubbly on election day. From 3 p.m. on, ladies drink free champagne, men get free beer. Red or blue -- you can't lose. Three free drinks per person.

Shake Shack
The Shack wants you to "shack the vote". Come in today or tomorrow with your "I voted" sticker and get a free single cup of frozen custard. On your way to the polls and want to bring a treat to keep you busy on the line? Sign a pledge to vote card and you'll get a free custard -- on the honor system.

RA Sushi
Show your "I Voted" sticker at RA Sushi in South Miami tomorrow for a free California roll tomorrow -- with an additional $10 purchase.

Latin Burger and Taco
Get a free order of "Freedom Fries" just for showing your "I voted" sticker at BTTR (127th and Biscayne).

Show your "I voted" sticker and get a surprise at BTTR tonight.

BRG The Burger Joint
Last chance to get your Romney and Obama burgers. $10.99 gets you a burger and a vote, with one dollar going to Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign. The Obama burger, an homage to Chicago, features a BGR hamburger patty

topped with a Chicago Vienna Beef hot dog, garnished with neon green

relish and sport peppers.

The Romney Burger pays tribute to the great state of

Massachusetts with a BGR hamburger patty topped with lobster meat and

hollandaise sauce.

Ben & Jerry's
The shop is offering a special Stephen Colbert Americone Dream sundae. The treat, made with Americone Dream ice cream, caramel, whipped cream, and nuts, is being offered at all Ben & Jerry's through the end of the year.

7-Eleven is offering special red (for Mitt Romney) and blue (for President Obama) coffee cups through midnight November 6. Each cup is also a vote for your favorite candidate. Considering how much political memorabilia is worth, you might want to pick up one of each and stow them in your attic for about 20 years (rinse the coffee out first).

Boston Market
Vote for your favorite market bowl (turkey or chicken) through November 6. The winner will be announced on November 7 and that day everyone who voted will receive a free coupon for a market bowl with the purchase of a bowl and a drink.

Here's a video from GOOD and Ben & Jerry's which has Obama and Romney as big ballin' video game hustlers -- we love Mitt's magic underwear and Barack's patriotic boxers!

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