Miami Culinary Tours: Eat Your Way Through South Beach

Last April, we first described Miami Culinary Tours, so we thought itw as time for a revisit.. The tours are every Friday and Saturday starting at 6pm, perfect for dinner.

At $59 per person you are able to try out different food from all over while getting a bit of the local history. The tour stops off at five to eight ocal favorite eateries, which change every day depending on the menu. Some of the places that have been visited are D. Rodriguez Cuba, BLT Steak at the Betsy Hotel, Jerry's Famous Deli, and Paul French Bakery.

Grace Della, founder of the Miami Culinary Tours says that there is a "crash course" on what is on the menu while people enjoy the tastings. She also talks about the local fruit stands and organic markets.

"Every morning prior to the tour, I go to Laurenzo's Italian Center (in North Miami Beach) where farmers bring their produce and when there are exotic tropical fruits in season, I grab some to bring to the tour as many people have never tasted a dragon fruit or sugar apple or even guava."

These tours also make a pitstop at a cigar shop, where Della explains how you can tell if the cigar you are smoking is a good, while you watch the rolling process in action. People can enjoy a guided tour around the Art Deco district, learning about the history, culture and architecture while keeping food the topic of discussion.

For more information, give them a call at 786-942-8856 or go to their website,

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Carissa Chesanek
Contact: Carissa Chesanek