Beltran's churros are round.EXPAND
Beltran's churros are round.
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Miami Cold-Weather Survival Guide

Baby, it's cold outside.

Miami has been swept up in the country's bomb cyclone, and it's so cold that iguanas are falling from the trees and tourists are pairing their flip-flips with down parkas.

OK, the weather will get back to normal soon — Sunday's forecast calls for temperatures in the low 70s. It's still damn cold now, though. Here are some stories to keep you cozy.

Miami Cold-Weather Survival GuideEXPAND
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Where to Get Hot Toddies in Miami to Stay Warm. Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the drinks are so delightful! Because Miamians don't really do the whole fireplace thing, alcohol is the perfect way to warm up during a cold front.

Is there anything better?
Is there anything better?
Tim Lucas/Wikimedia Commons

Where to Get Churros and Hot Chocolate in Miami When Temperatures Dip. Wind-chill values in the Miami metro area will be in the upper 30s Thursday and Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service. Luckily, we have churros and hot chocolate.

Wynwood Diner's mac 'n' cheese.
Wynwood Diner's mac 'n' cheese.
Courtesy Wynwood Diner

Miami's Best Comfort Foods. What we need now is a hug — in the form of food. When it feels like the sky is about to fall, a piece of grilled fish and a kale salad just don't feel right. The only thing that will do is a dish of mac 'n' cheese or a big bowl of ice cream — in other words, comfort food.

Wonton soup.
Wonton soup.

Blackbrick: It's Cold Outside — Go for the Wonton Soup, Stay for the Bourbon Trifle. It's cold, cold, cold today. And though South Florida doesn't have the frost that the rest of the country is getting, there certainly is a nip in the air. This weather calls for soup — wonton soup from Blackbrick, Richard Hales' new midtown Chinese restaurant, to be exact. 

Pho at Basilic soothes the soul.
Pho at Basilic soothes the soul.

Family-Run Vietnamese Restaurant Basilic Serves Miami's Best Pho. At North Miami Beach's Basilic Vietnamese Grill, the star-anise-laced scent of pho wraps around you like a Burmese python. It seems like everyone in the 96-seater uses a spoon to pierce the coils of steam billowing from porcelain-white bowls. Two women in business attire, all pencil skirts and reading glasses, load theirs with Thai basil and bean sprouts. Three dusty construction workers spice the soup with sriracha. An older gentleman takes a seat by himself and announces he'll have the same as the others.

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