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Miami Brew Bus to Bring Beer Tours to the Magic City

When craft beer fans visit a city, they scope out the local brewing scene. Miami has a number of established breweries -- and several more on the way.

We're ready for some beer tourism.

Recognizing this potential, LoKal Burgers and Beer owner Matt Kuscher, his manager David Rodriguez, and Cecilia Barmon, have united to start Miami Brew Bus.

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The principal managers behind the project are Barmon and Rodriguez, who are planning to launch the bus before the end of the year.

Here's how it'll work: The bus will pick participants up at one or two locations -- possibly in Miami Beach or Coconut Grove -- and drive them to breweries around the county. Passengers will be taken to three breweries, where they will receive a tour and a beer flight. Tickets will cost $65.

It's all about maintaining relationships with the breweries. Barmon has made arrangements with several local breweries, including Wynwood Brewing, Biscayne Brewing, Miami Brewing Company, and MIA Brewing. Brewpubs might be added to the tour at a future date, but for now, the focus will be production breweries.

The tours might eventually expand to Broward and Palm Beach counties -- with possible tours to Tequesta, Due South, and Funky Buddha brewing companies. Barmon says Miami Brew Bus might be active at local beer festivals too.

As avid brewery tourists, Rodriguez (who uses Google Maps and BeerAdvocate to plot his trips) and Barmon realized Miami was finally capable of attracting craft beer tourists. It was simple logic, really.

Though Barmon hopes to see local Brew Bus passengers, the goal is to attract nonlocals too. "Miami was about the clubs and tables and the bottles, and now it's about bars, taps, and craft beer, and that's pretty cool," she says.

Interested in Miami Brew Bus? Call 786-558-3860, or email [email protected] for more information.

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