Miami Bloggers Create Meaty Monstrosities at Blue Collar for Burger Month

May is National Burger Month so local food bloggers at the behest of

Burger Beast (Sef Gonzalez) are gathering at Blue Collar to create burgers of their choice. The creations will be on the menu for one week at a time.

The daddy of the Twitter mafia, Chowfather, his co-captain, Frodnesor, Fatgirl Hedonist, The Food-e, and Burger Beast himself created burgers that exemplified everything from simplicity to a hot mess.

Burger Beast was first to bat with his burger this month. "Meat on meat action is what's won at the SoBe Burger Bash the last few years," he told us. "I've had badly executed burgers with sausage slivers before where it tasted only like sausage grease and no burger flavor."

But going in from the start, the Beast knew Blue Collar's executive chef was the perfect man to turn a beastly dream into a reality. "Chef Danny Serfer uses high quality ingredients, plus he's a great chef so it was a no-brainer."

As for the ingredients, Burger Beast decided on ground beef, Proper Sausage sausage slivers, Manchego cheese, and jalapeno jelly that chef Serfer created for him. "I'd only had Manchego cheese on two burgers before [one of which was in] Cozumel at this little shack called Mezcalito's in the non touristy area. With the Manchego cheese and the sausage slivers it now had an almost Spanish feel to it."

Ay caramba! It sounds more like a child who doesn't know if he wants to identify with his Spanish mama or his Mexican papa. El pobre! Word has it, though, that the Beast's burger was delicious and simple.

Chowfather had his burger featured last week. Latkas, ragout, bacon, and a fried egg topped a patty of ground beef. Clearly, the man had some serious chutzpah to put together such an oxymoronic statement of a burger (latkas and bacon, anyone?). But who cares? This is Miami -- and here, in the land of paradise, we do those types of things, and people love it. Our waiter at Blue Collar last night said he had Chowfather's burger and he thought it was a mouthful, but great.

Fatgirl Hedonist, increasingly becoming known as the "every man's man" food blogger, had her burger sights set to represent her Hialeah hometown. This one consisted of ground beef patty, sliced chorizo, smoked gouda, fried shallots, house made chipotle mayo and sweet plantains on the side.

If that doesn't make you want to say dale, we don't know what will.

"I posted on Facebook and asked my friends for help. I got some insane suggestions and from there I picked and chose the ingredients that would bring out some Hialeah/Latin flare," she said.

The Food-e decided on a completely different vibe for his ode to National Burger Month (which will being featured next week). "We decided to create a breakfast burger," he said. "The burger is topped with Canadian bacon, a fried egg, and a homemade maple mustard [yes, you read that right]." To go with the breakfast theme, it comes with a side dish of cheesy grits.

Whether you decide to munch on the burger for brunch (or drunch), or enjoy breakfast for dinner, that maple mustard has our ears perked, and you'll see us there.

The last burger of this month will come from the inner workings of none other than Frodnesor. The only thing we were able to find out about his brain burger child was that it will probably have piquillo peppers. He still has about two weeks to get his recipe together but he'll have to be sure to live up to the ones so far.

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