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Miami Beach's Love Hate Lounge Will Soon Be Serving Food, Expanding Its Brand

There's good news for those who like to booze it up at Miami's most unpretentious late-night lounge, Love Hate. Patrons can soon soak up the alcohol with a menu full of comfort food favorites and healthier bar snacks

Edible options and daytime hours are just a couple of the changes coming to the popular spot under the ownership of DJ Self Born (AKA Gregg Davis). Davis scooped it up from former owners, Miami Ink artists Ami James and Chris Nuñez back in May.

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Since he bought the bar, Davis has made several adjustments to the lineup and overall vibe. He's dubbed it "the world's first DJ bar," and put an emphasis on old-school spinning. No button pushing or computerized remixes.

As DJ Self Born, Davis has been hosting the joint's most popular attraction, "Classic Sundays", for four years. "I have people that fly into Miami and plan their trips around Sunday night," he says.

Davis hopes to duplicate Sunday's success with "branded" events every night of the week, complete with liquor sponsors.

"I've been letting the alcohol companies have a strong presence. We've got Bacardi Wednesdays with mojitos, Appleton rum is gonna do a Thursday reggae night.

That's something that's a major piece of what I'm doing. I want to have seven brands represented seven days a week. So far I'm at about four," the new owner says.

And while previous owners only opened the bar on certain nights, Davis expanded their hours to seven days a week. Daytime hours will start by the end of the year. He also installed an assortment of TVs.

As far as what their menu options will include, think bar food with a healthy twist.

"The menu is getting made as we speak. I can tell you at least right now for late night, it'll be like comfort foods, very easy. You'll have wings with the games and stuff.

Other than that you'll be able to get a decent burger, even a veggie burger or turkey burger," Davis adds.

"I'm conscientious of what I'm eating, how close we are to the Jewish community. I am concerned with what is on the menu. I'm not just gonna have just anything. During the day there's an idea of having tapas. It'll be something outside the box, it's not gonna be regular. And every week we'll have a new dish featured that you wont be able to get all the time."

While the bar caters to the average Miami Beach local (no red velvet ropes or Lambos required), Davis says he's still popular with certain celebs. "Gabrielle Union and D-Wade love the place. They come through late at night and hang out, where they're not seen."

And in the end, Davis has big plans that go far beyond Miami Beach. "I want to relive the fun we used to have in the mid to late 90's going to clubs and bars. It's about capturing that vibe and pretty much the whole duplication of it in different cities."

Wherever he takes Love Hate from here, Miami will always be the first. And that's how we like it.

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