Miami Babylon Details SoBe Wine & Food's Lee Schrager's Guilty Past

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Gerald Posner has a new book out called Miami Babylon. In it, he details Lee Schrager's having pled guilty to insurance fraud.

Lee Schrager is the local, socially-networked promotions powerhouse behind the success of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Our paper-product recently profiled Lee Schrager in our Fall Arts & Eats Guide, but we decided to check out what else New Times has written about the guy. Here are the results of that search.

"Lee Schrager, co-owner of Torpedo: At Torpedo, the Nuisance Abatement Board has closed their case against us and deemed us free to be drug free. The Annex Bar will be officially opening up soon, and we're going to continue kareoke nights and the barbecues on Sunday. ESP? I'm just waiting to see what Gary James is coming up with. My shares were supposed to be bought by Mickey Rourke, who's like his best friend, but as of today, nothing has happened. All in all, I think it's going to be a quieter, simpler season." [link]

"Various hipster types talked about all the new entertainment possibilities on the Beach: the Media restaurant; the new tea dance at the Carolyn Hotel, debuting October 13; the tension between the talkative Wire cover boy and Torpedo co-owner Lee Schrager and Bobby Guilmartin of Hombre, reportedly resulting in copies of the paper being pulled from various businesses." [link]

"First complementary stop: the Torpedo benefit for the Alliance Film/Video Project. Go-go boys dancing on the ledges around the building. Little pockets of sodden glamour, clinging to doorways. A juicy squabble between co-owner Lee Schrager and Bill Orcutt of the Alliance." [link]

"We don't know, maybe we only see the bad in people, but the unholy alliance between Lee Schrager of Torpedo and publicity-conscious businessman Abe Hirschfeld is really too much to understand - even for clubland." [link]

"Butter Club, and it's like taking a trip to another town, without the time, expense, or tedium. The young, the lame, the fazed out. Hombre, and the videos over the bar (now featuring movies and MTV-style videos) just aren't as disgusting as they used to be. Luke's, and things are just too lewd. And Lee Schrager, of Torpedo, arrested on insurance fraud charges last Friday morning." [link]

"Indeed the only bratty subjects were a number of attendees themselves. Not that some of us didn't have a right to complain. Organized in just five weeks by Lee Schrager of Southern Wine & Spirits and Robbin Haas of Baleen, along with his board of toques -- Bernstein, Willis Loughhead, and Michael Schwartz -- a party of this magnitude (740 people paid for tickets in advance and another 200 or so showed up at the door to dish out $100 rather than $75, the cost for not planning ahead) was bound to have some problems." [link]

"The bigwig chefs who had been lured by festival founder Lee Schrager's promises of an unparalleled event were evidently glad they took him at his word." [link]

"Founded by Lee Schrager, the festival is celebrating its fifth annual run, during which time it has grown into one of the nation's most prestigious gustatory gatherings." [link]

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.