Mia at Biscayne Debuts New Summer Bar Menu

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As if you couldn't tell by the blast furnace heat and humidity that can suck your soul through a straw, summer in South Florida is on us like brown on rice.

So what better time, then, for Mia at Biscayne to give a shout out for its new, light, affordable summer bar menu, the better to keep you nourished when the season's heat and humidity make eating regular old food just too much effort.

Priced from $5 to $16, the treats include everything from house-made potato chips with grilled onion-sour cream dip to a selection of embutidos (say, salt-cured pork loin with smoked paprika) and designer burgers (such as the Vietnamese-style bánh mì: a blend of ground beef, pork, and shrimp speckled with basil, cilantro, and mint and served with curry aioli, pickled carrots and nam pla sauce).

That and a well-chilled adult beverage just might make summer a little more bearable.

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