Mega Way Power Breakfast Gives Healthy Start Before Wine & Food Fest Debauchery

In an event that combined New Age holistic nutrition and haute couture interior design, Mega Way founder Brigitte M. Britton hosted an intimate healthy breakfast at a gorgeous suite at Ocean House, a new luxury residential building at 125 Ocean Drive.

A tiny gal with a big personality, Britton and her partners prepared guests Mega Way shakes, quinoa protein pancakes, and quinoa protein oats, lining stomachs with a coating of health before sending them off to the gastral chaos the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is likely to bring.

I wrote about my first meeting with Britton two weeks ago, when she gave me a personal consultation and offered some suggestions on how to achieve my health goals. She even crafted a personalized menu based around my diet (vegan), my activity level (very high), and my body type (tall and athletic).

Being a hard-headed nutrition vigilante, I didn't follow it. Instead, I did a week-long green juice fast, lost about ten pounds, and then followed up with an oil-free plant-based diet after the program in Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live. But I still managed to incorporate Britton's vegan shakes into my post-fast diet, and I like them. They're made with organic alfalfa leaf, goji berries, cinnamon, wheatgrass, chia seeds, hemp, raw cacao, luo han guo, and maca - a superfoods list that would make any educated vegan drool.

Apparently, though, some of Britton's other Miami clients have been better at following her instructions. Tara Solomon, owner of public relations company Tara Ink., represents Britton not only as a marketing manager but also as a complete Mega Way convert in her own diet. She's been drinking the shakes (the original, non-vegan version, which contains whey protein) and following the customized menu Britton laid out for her for the three weeks since the health guru breezed into town. "I've seen improvement in my energy level. I'm down to half a cup of coffee a day, which in itself is miraculous. I was a six-venti-a-day drinker. But now my energy is sustained throughout the day," she said.

She's also used the shakes to prevent herself from overdosing on less virtuous vittles. "Last night, I had a meeting, and then on my way to Q, where I knew I would consume copious amounts of red meat and evil carbs -- no carbs after three on the Mega Way plan - I had my shake in the car. And that just sustained me and took the edge off, so I didn't feel like I had to dive into the first barbeque slider I found."

All right, obviously Britton's own PR rep is going to have good things to say about the program. So I asked Kim Nelson, owner of Daisy Cakes baking company, who was invited to Britton's event while attending the Q party last night, for her unbiased opinion. She'd tried the shake, the gluten-free quinoa oats with goji berries, and the fancy flapjacks.

​"The pancakes were also gluten-free, and we had them with fruit, almond butter, a couple of different jams, some agave nectar and some blackstrap molasses mixed in, plus strawberries and blueberries," Nelson said. "Absolutely amazing. It's a great way to start your day as far as  having all the proper nutrition laid down. I'm very satisfied, but I don't feel like I need to go take a nap." She added that as soon as she got home, she planned to start using the week's-worth of samples Britton gave her. 

"Absolutely. And then I'm gonna order. This is something delicious, healthy, nutritious, that I don't have to think about." She said she also planned to make the protein pancakes and store them between wax paper in the freezer for easy access. "We need it to be easy, but we don't want to eat junk like a bowl of cereal, because I'm hungry 30 minutes later if I eat cereal. I'm very curious as to when I'm gonna be hungry again later in the day."

Not just for the sake of adding balance to this overwhelmingly positive write-up, I personally found the shakes at the event to be too sweet for my tastes, although they're made without sugar. Britton says it's the fruit essences in the liquid vitamins she added to the mix. When I make them at home, I get a more savory taste by skipping the liquid vitamins and blending them up with almond milk and some banana and frozen acai pulp. I fortify myself by eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the day, supplementing B12 with a few spoons of nutritional yeast.

I will say, though, that the gluten-free oats and quinoa with goji berries really knocked my socks off. I hit the CrossFit gym in Miami Beach just twenty minutes later, and had a great workout without feeling bloated or weighed down.

To find out more about the Mega Way program and/or to get a personal consultation from Britton, go to or email Britton directly.

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