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Media Roundup - Miami's Criminal Horse Slaughters Reaching Epidemic Levels

The dead horse with missing legs and a slit throat on the side of the road in Miami-Dade phenomenon has every pony, stud and stallion, ducking for cover. Apparently there's enough of a market in underground horse meat that people have turned to a ruthless theft and slaughter combo to meet demand. Here's a roundup of recent articles written on the subject.

  • With illegal horse slaughter toll rising health professionals should look for severe food poisoning cases, horse meat may be toxic in cases where it's not raised for consumption. [Chattahbox]
  • 18th victim was stabbed in the neck at least twice and was most likely still alive when its legs and chest were butchered. [FirstCoastNews]
  • Horse Poaching press hits the horse web community. [TheHorse]
  • The killings started January 11th and have been discovered in Miramar, and Northwest and Southwest Dade, article includes video. [MiamiHerald]
  • Local virtual horse community reports on expanded investigation, encourages tips to crimestoppers. [TheHorse]
  • An owner speaks out against the killing and says no punishment is strong enough. [CBS4]

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Jacob Katel
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