Meat Cravings Satisfied at Boca Dolce Steakhouse

The steakhouse is South Florida's culinary equivalent of the undead, an immortal presence stalking the earth in search of new victims, attracting ever-larger numbers of flesh-munching zombies. Must. Eat. Meat.

So if you're jonesing for animal protein (cattle, not human. . . sorry, George Romero) still isn't satisfied, here's one more meatery for you: Boca Dolce Steakhouse. For locals, the West Boca newcomer puts something of a different spin on the traditional honking slab o' beef, dishing it Argentine style, cuts like lomo (tenderloin), colita de caudril (tri-tip) and entrana (skirt steak), grilled over an open fire.

If you really want to prove your zombie cred, skip the wimpy-ass beef

and go hard-core with veal sweetbreads Provencal (the thymus gland or

pancreas of a calf) and morcilla (fat little sausages made with, yes,

pig's blood).

Whatever your carnivorous cravings, Boca Dolce won't suck the blood out

of your wallet. The most expensive thing on the menu is the parrillada

($38 for two), a massive platter that could drive a stake (or steak)

through the heart of the fiercest appetite, a veritable fete of meat

that includes of pork sausage, blood sausage, sweetbreads, matambre

(veal breast stuffed with hard-boiled eggs and veggies) and three

different cuts of beef, plus more veggies.

Like flesh-munching zombies really give a shit about veggies.

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