McDonald's Wants to Turn Miami Into a Winter Wonderland

It's the start of the holiday season, which in Miami means decorating the palm tree with red twinkle lights and hoping it gets cool enough to wear your reindeer sweater for just one night.

While the rest of the year is basking in the chill of an early snowstorm, we're still wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Bummer!

McDonald's understands our frustration with endless beach days and wants to do something about it -- like bring winter to us.

The fast food giant is holding a Winter Wonderland contest. The most festive snow-free city in the United States will receive a winter wonderland complete with snow, snowmen, seasonal giveaways, and lots of warm white chocolate mochas for everyone!

South Florida isn't the only place lacking in the permafrost department. Other cities in the running include San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Tampa, and Atlanta.

But we, of course, need to win this. After all, a Winter Wonderland scenario is payback for all the times we've hosted frozen masses of New Yorkers in search of a little sunshine and pina coladas. Plus, we're kind of over the dioramas at Santa's Enchanted Forest.

To help Miami win, tag McDonald's South Florida Twitter page @McD_SouthFla, using hashtag #MomentsofWonder.

The city that received the most votes between now and November 22 will win the winter wonderland experience sometime in mid-December. The winning city will be revealed on the @McCafe Twitter account in early December. Until then, @McCafe will be tweeting about snow -- snow pictures, snow trivia, even snowfall updates from cooler parts of the country -- like this:

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