McDonald's Times Your Drive-Thru Experience Throughout August

McDonald's is doing a lot of things to stay relevant in a marketplace of consumers in a constant search for the newest, fastest, cheapest, and best thing out there. Earlier this year, Ronald McDonald, the chain's creepy clown mascot, received a makeover. The company also tried giving away its coffee with the invitation for people to "make friends with McCafe."

This time, the fast food giant is offering meals-in-a-minute.

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From now through August 29, when you visit your local McDonald's drive-thru window, your Quarter Pounder will come with something besides a side a fries -- a timer.

The timer, which is given to customers when paying for their lunchtime orders Monday through Friday from noon to 1 p.m., will start counting the seconds from when a customer pays to the time they receive their food.

If the timer says the order took longer than a minute, the customer will receive a complimentary lunch good for their next visit.

The promotion is available at participating McDonald's restaurants in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties and is designed to ensure customers get their meals in a timely fashion.

The restaurant mega-chain has had its fair share of news-time lately. Recently, the company made headlines when its restaurants in China saw massive shortages of burgers and chicken after severing ties with a Shanghai supplier that "allegedly sold the chain expired meat." The Street.com has announced McDonald's stock has dropped 0.7 percent to $93.66, in part due to the China incident, although it maintains the stock is still a "buy."

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