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McDonald's Caves Under Pressure, Stand Your Ground Is Fine

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I don't like the online activist group Color of Change. The namby-pamby, can't-we-all-just-get-along-as-long-you're-a-vegan, Obama-loving, Christian-hating, war-protesting, Democratic-donkey-defending, liberal members are all a bunch of


I know that's a pretty broad generalization. And I'm sure you're cursing me right now.

The members of COC have been pushing companies to terminate memberships with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The reason: ALEC supports and helps push "conservative policies" such as the Voter ID and the Stand Your Ground laws.

Oh, no! What are we to do?

Under pressure from the COCs, McDonald's has abandoned ALEC. So have Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods. Those firms have no backbone. They might as well register as Democrats and attend the next Rainbow Gathering.

Honestly, the "news" here is that McDonald's had defended its membership in February and then quickly yet dazzlingly backpedaled after the Martin/Zimmerman incident.

But I see a much broader picture that involves more than large companies only caving to activist groups after a potentially embarrassing fracas. I see dumb people.

Companies should be able to support whomever and whatever they like. You don't have to support them. For example, I don't eat at Chick-fil-A, shop at Target, or fill up at Texaco. You know why? Because I don't support businesses that donate money to or engage in beliefs/policies/ideologies that I believe to be morally reprehensible.

Isn't freedom one of the founding principles of this country? Who are we to force a company to stop donating money to a specific cause or issue for the sole reason that it does not jibe with our personal convictions?

When I found out that Target and Chik-fil-A both engaged in anti-gay activities, I didn't create an online petition page to make them stop. You know why? Because they have the freedom to do so. Just like I had the freedom to stop handing over my hard-earned money to companies that try to deny me basic civil rights (as much as it hurt me -- I really miss Target).

Two, the laws that the COCs are protesting are good. Take the Stand Your Ground law, for example. If someone attacks me, I want to be able to defend myself without fear of reprisal. If you try to mug me at knifepoint, I should be able to take a bat to your head without getting arrested or sued.

Aren't we sick of living in a country where burglars can sue us for damages if they get injured while robbing our homes? And yes, of course there are cases where such a law will be abused. That is what the police department and court system are for -- to determine if the law was used unjustly.

And the Voter ID law -- now that is a no-brainer. Yes, people should have to show proper identification in order to cast a vote. Why is anyone even contesting this? Oh, right, I know why. Because then we can't just round up all the poor who don't have proper identification and bus them to the polls to vote for Obama. And yes, I am basing that on fact. Anyone remember ACORN? Well, I do, and I also remember being at a precinct during the last presidential election when hordes of young, mostly African-American students were bussed in to vote -- for the first time ever. Lovely. Many of them did not have ID. Damn. Should have thought that one out just a tad bit more, huh?

If someone attacks you, you should be able to defend yourself. If you want to vote, you should have the proper identification to do so. And if McDonald's, Kraft Foods, and Coca-Cola want to be part of an organization that supports those laws, they should be able to do so without being bullied and harassed by a bunch of cocks. That wasn't a typo.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.