Mayor Carlos Alvarez Introduces 'Redland Raised' Brand, Gives His Publix Some Love

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez loves his Publix. And its store manager, John Navarro, too.

"Johnny...I'm giving you a plug, your bosses are here. Best manager Publix has," Alvarez said of Navarro addressing media, Publix employees, and producers during the launch of Redland Raised -- a branding campaign to promote local produce. 

A beaming Navarro told Short Order that his Westchester store (7805 SW 40 St.), was chosen for the

launch because the mayor shops there a couple times a week. "He likes

me because I don't talk politics to him, only sports."

The Redland Raised campaign was created by the county, the Florida

Department of Agriculture and Publix to encourage consumption of local

produce. Miami-Dade's agricultural industry ranks second in the state and 18th in the country, according to Alvarez. And it pumps $2.7 million billion into the local economy.

The Redland Raised seal is already in Florida Publix stores. On display at the Westchester store were zucchini, squash, avocados, boniato, green beans and Schnebly wines. Let's hope with the branding also comes an expanded local selection.

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