Max Santiago Returns With an All-Day Doughnut Breakfast Bar
Courtesy of Max Santiago

Max Santiago Returns With an All-Day Doughnut Breakfast Bar

An all-day doughnut breakfast bar is coming to Miami. Pastry chef Max Santiago expects to open the shop — the first of its kind — by spring 2019.

Find a lineup of breakfast-inspired sweet and savory doughnuts using what he calls a "new and perfected brioche doughnut recipe."

Though the menu is far from finalized, a peek reveals items such as "eggs Bene-donict," served on a buttered and grilled savory doughnut, as well as a fried-chicken-and-doughnut recipe. Santiago will also introduce a health-focused line of vegan and gluten-free doughnuts, which will be baked and loaded with antioxidants, probiotics, and protein.

"Our brand-new raised vegan doughnut will be virtually indistinguishable from a regular raised doughnut," Santiago says.

There will also be a rotating selection of 12 gourmet doughnuts with new items introduced each week. Though Santiago is a former Salty Donut and Sugar Factory chef, all of the doughnuts offered at his shop will be new. For now, Santiago is based out of a Hialeah commercial kitchen, where he's been taste-testing and developing recipes for his forthcoming doughnut palace.

Santiago says he's eying three potential spots for the shop but declines to divulge them. "You’ll have to wait to find out where the location will be," he says, "but it’ll be well worth the wait.”

The shop will also offer a large seating area where customers can spend their morning or afternoon.

"We are looking for a place where people can work, have meetings, bring their whole family, or just calmly enjoy a good cup of coffee," he says, "a place where we can have enough staff to reduce waiting times of people in line. We don’t want people to have to wait too long to try our doughnuts." At the Salty Donut, customers have been known to wait an hour to get their hands on the shop's wildly popular treats.

Santiago is also a contestant on Food Network’s Best Baker in America , premiering Monday, May 7, at 9 p.m. In the series, nine bakers from across the nation, including Santiago, will compete for $25,000 and the title of Best Baker in America. Throughout the seven-episode season, Santiago will be challenged with creating elegant and toothsome interpretations of classic baked goods such as petits fours, French-influenced meringue layer cake, and strawberry shortcake. He and the other contestants will be judged on their mastery of technical baking skills and ability to work with various flavors and ingredients.

"I can't wait for everyone to watch," he says, "and then to see what I have in store for the future."

Best Baker in America premieres Monday, May 7, at 9 p.m. on Food Network.

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