Marijuana Food and Drink To Heighten Your Day

Now comes the news that the U.S. Senate has voted to double penalties for mixing controlled substances with sweets. It's still not a law yet.

Short Order believes this is a pot o' shit. Not only is a food-inspired high cleaner and clearer, it lasts longer. According to The Marijuana Food Handbook "smoking is often self-directed anger, while eating is self-nurturing." And who doesn't want to nurture oneself? No more sore throat and metallic tongue at the end of the evening...

Some people make brownies. But an oven's heat only converts only about 40% of the THC to an active form.

So we suggest the following: make your pot into cannabutter,

and slap it on some waffles for a morning high that will last all day....

But this could get you busted if the Senate bill becomes law, so try these less than sweet treats.

This Labor Day weekend, host an esoteric cookout by slapping some herb butter on your steaks. The chives, parsley and mustard hide the flavor of the cannabutter, but there's no mistaking the effect.

Spice up your Thanksgiving Dinner with some Sweet Potatoes Bogota. The mashed potatoes use some Valencia oranges to mask the marijuana flavor, allowing you to make really "buttery" potatoes and give thanks for happy guests all night long.

Once again, leave it to the French to bring us some Haute Cuisine. The beauty of a quiche is that not only is the crust a marijuana pastry crust, but there are also marijuana bacon drippings in the pie filling. Double whammy? You'll "fly" to France for seconds...and thirds...

Now if you're feeling particularly adventurous, go south of the border and infuse your tequila with cannabis for your own Tequilajuana. The woody aroma provides a good base for a marijuana liqueur. Add some limes and...Hijole!

Word of caution - go easy and whatever you do, don't eat the worm. No matter how friendly he may look.

So you see, no need to despair. Leave the brownies in the '80s where they belong and test your foodie skills.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.