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March Against Monsanto This Saturday: Senator Maria Lorts Sachs to Speak

The whole GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) thing has been a big deal for quite some time now. After the failure of California's mandatory labeling initiative, Prop. 37, in November, activists across the country rallied to raise awareness about GMOs.

Then came the 'Monsanto Protection Act'. Hidden in the continuing resolution --the bill in which Congress finally agreed to keep paying the government's debts -- a rider, actually known as the Farmer's Assurance Provision, encouraged the USDA to approve the use of GMO seed, even if environmental studies were ruled inadequate by a court.

Activists were freaking livid.

This Saturday's March Against Monsanto was planned in response. And Democratic State Senator Maria Lorts Sachs will be speaking at the Miami march.

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As part of a worldwide protest involving more than 250 cities in 36 countries spread throughout 6 continents, the Miami March has currently received more than 2,600 RSVPs. Generally, only the Miami Heat can illicit such huge crowds in our fair city.

In last last legislative session, neither the House nor Senate versions of the mandatory labeling initiatives made it to the floor.

Senator Maria Lorts Sachs sponsored the Senate version of the bill.

"I am going to rework the bill," said Sachs, "But I am refiling in the next session."

Just this week, Connecticut's mandatory labeling bill passed the state Senate--it still needs to make it through the House. Similarly, in Maine an amendment that would have excluded baby formula from the GMO labeling requirements was struck down from its mandatory labeling bill. Obviously, the movement is starting to pick up steam.

Senator Sachs plans to speak at the march on Saturday.

"It's important for our health," she said, "This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It strikes every family in Florida. I'm standing there as a State Senator who is going to make sure this government ensures our food is clean."

March Against Monsanto Miami is starting at the Omni/ Adrienne Arscht Metro Station at 2 pm tomorrow. Visit the facebook page for details.

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