Mandolin Aegean Bistro: Delicate Dumplings Wednesday

There are some days where you just need a little extra tender, love and care. Wednesday, the day stupidly known as "Hump Day" gets it. You are equidistant from the comfort of the weekend. You know who else gets it? Mandolin Aegean Bistro that restaurant we deemed our favorite not so long ago.

Every Wednesday, Mandolin serves up manti dumplings ($18), a traditional turkish dish that has survived since the Ottoman empire. Their version of the dish has tiny hand rolled lamb dumplings in a greek garlic sauce with burnt butter, lamb juices, and a touch of Turkish paprika.

From the moment we sat down in the large patio we were instantly comforted by the huge attentive and attractive waitstaff and the blue and white in all the decor. We forgot it was midweek and that we were dining alone because we didn't want to subject anyone to our mood.

We were transported and began ordering the most girlie precious meal; a glass of rose, the pink sultan salad (beets and yogurt sauce) and the real reason we were here: the manti. Adding some pink to the backdrop let us sparkle. When the manti finally arrived we were able to fully enjoy it. Each little dumpling had the perfect amount of chew, the kind that brings to mind love letter to udon and al dente pasta. The minced lamb was tender, not a bit crowded or overfilled, and the sauce was light and fresh. Not like the cream sauce that makes you feel weighted down.

At the end of the meal, we were left feeling satisfied. Not full, just right. Everything was perfect and our energy bar was restored. The meal was memorable and, well, if music be the food of love, let the Mandolin play on...

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