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Man Quits Job, Decorates Cake With Letter of Resignation

Throwing in the towel isn't a foreign concept to most of us. If you have a high-stress job, it's something you've surely considered at least once in your career.

Whether you deal by soldiering on or quitting, no one will win more at life than one man who left his letter of resignation on a cake.

Because this man, whose nickname is "Mr. Cake," doesn't want to be a Border Force agent at an airport for the rest of his life.

No. His dream is to one day open a bakery.

Yesterday, Chris Holmes tweeted "it's Passion Cake - because it's my "passion" to make cakes (GEDDIT!!!??? Lol...)"

Having recently become a father, Holmes realized that life as an immigration agent at Stansted Airport in Cambridgeshire, England, wasn't going to cut it for the rest of his life. So naturally, he spent the night before giving his resignation by baking a two-part cake, which, according to the Guardian, was huge -- 10 by 12 inches and made with 18 eggs.

He began the letter by addressing the importance of happiness in life and then went on to cut the cord. "I hereby give notice of my resignation, in order that I may devote my time and energy to my family, and my cake business."

The 31-year-old was hardly given any grief for the unusual parting gift. In fact, members of the airport's Border Force said it tasted "very nice."

The spiced carrot cake was made with pecans, sultanas, and coconut and covered with a layer of white royal icing. The letter to management was piped on top. Holmes said he practiced once on a piece of paper and that the writing was incredibly challenging.

Now essentially jobless, with one cake gone viral, a baby, and a family, Holmes is left with the immense pressure to show the world what he can bring to the baker's table.

So if you're planning on quitting your job today, bring doughnuts or something.

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