Man Holey: If Asylum.com Had Asked, We Think the Manliest Miami Restaurants Are...

Asylum.com is running a poll to find America's most macho man caves, and we're weighing in -- not that they asked or anything. 

Currently listed as Miami's entry (via foodforthought.com,) is Kingdom, which was recently nominated by a certain local female food critic for best burger.  Let's do right by our local dens of testosterone, both serious and ridiculous, and lay them all out on the table. Which did we miss?

> Shula's Steak House in Miami Lakes -- Who's more manly that Shula?

> Fogo de Chao, Texas de Brazil, Porcao, The Knife -- Where the meats keep on coming on long, sharp swords
> Wagon's West -- There's nothing like some prairie grub to put some hair on the chest 
> Jimbo's -- A visit to its website alone will have you pounding your chest
> Mango's  -- XY loves some T&A
> Garcia's -- In a shack down by the river; need we say more?

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