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Maggie Jimenez's Avocado with Toast

We love easy recipes. Preferably ones that require little to no cooking. Who has the time, anyway? That's the beauty of this appetizer by chef Maggie Jimenez, Mexican native and host of Telefutura's ¡Que Sabor!. Jimenez will be preparing this and other recipes at the Carbonell Olive Oil display at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival's Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village.

We tried it at home but you don't have to. Stop by the Carbonell display on Saturday between 4 and 5 p.m. or Sunday between 1:05 and 2:05 p.m. to catch Jimenez's demos. If you do want to try it at home, here's the recipe.

Avocado with Toast

You'll need

Toasted bread slices

Aioli sauce

Serrano ham thinly sliced

Avocado, sliced

Now what?

Spread a bit of aioli sauce on each slice of toast, then place a strip of the Serrano ham and a slice of avocado on top.

By the way ...

Since the recipe doesn't explain exactly how to make aioli, you can try this recipe. Or be lazy and drizzle the bread with plain olive oil. It still works and cuts prep time to about 5 minutes.

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