Maggie Jimenez from ¡Qué Sabor! and Sam Gorenstein from BLT Steak Visit Halperns' Meat Processing Plant

Maggie Jimenez is a rising culinary star with a popular lifestyle cooking show, ¡Qué Sabor!, an endorsement deal with Oscar Mayer, freelance writing gigs, and a cookbook in the works. She is a former fashion model who secured her show off the strength of a casting call for an anchor spot on another program.

¡Qué Sabor! airs weekly across the United States via the TeleFutura Network, in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic on Univision, and Internationally via satellite. The show also plays out audially via affiliate radio stations, and has a video-heavy website so you can watch online. [click]. You can catch the show in Miami every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. on TeleFutura channel 69.

Recently, during filming for an episode featuring Chef Sam Gorenstein of BLT Steak, the topic of meat came up. Maggie seemed so interested that Sam invited her to check out one of his purveyor's processing facility, Halperns' in Pompano.

Check out these behind the scenes pictures of the ¡Qué Sabor! segment Maggie Jimenez and Sam Gorenstein appear in as they take a tour given by Halperns' representative Jesus Perez.

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