Luis Gajer Discusses Lacy Thongs and Three-Foot Steaks at Las Vacas Gordas

More flesh for your carnivores: At right you see ​the longest pieces of cow flesh you will come across at any local restaurant, for sure.

Chef/owner Luis Gajer of Las Vacas Gordas has been rolling up skirt steaks since 1996 when patrons first started rolling into his restaurant. When he and his wife moved from New York to Miami back then, they had no idea they'd go into the business. "I never knew nothing about restaurants," he confesses. "I never had a restaurant before and I never worked in a restaurant before. Everything I knew was about sales." Obviously, this means he never attended culinary school. However he is quick to add, "Anyone from Argentina or Uruguay... knows how to make a salad, barbecue, steak on the grill. We cook for pleasure. It's not a vocation."

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Riki Altman