Ludacris Instagrams Brunch at Icebox Cafe, Stogies at Deco Drive Cigars

And now for the New Times edition of "celebrities are just like us."

Just like us, celebrities find themselves hungry. And even though they must have tremendous pressure to look better than us mere mortals (your mother might say you need to lose a few pounds, but at least you don't have to worry about TMZ reporting every time you're busting out of those skinny jeans), they give in to temptation.

Take Christopher Brian Bridges, AKA Ludacris, for example.

The rapper and actor was in South Beach this past Sunday and fell for the universal siren song that is cake. Especially cake that has Oprah's seal of approval. Because there's cake, and then there's "the best cake in Miami."

Ludacris found cake nirvana at Icebox Café. He posted on Instagram a picture of an insanely tempting cooler filled with decadent goodies and commented:

"Voted Best desserts in Miami Beach Florida according to Oprah & GQ magazine? Let me be the judge of that shit!! #icebox #cheatday."

If you're gonna be naughty, why stop at cake? Best to move onto a good cigar from Deco Drive Cigars:

Once sated, it's time to drive off into the sunset with a good friend:

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