Love & Vegetables Pop-Up Dinner: Eat Your Greens Saturday

South Florida's farm season is coming to a close, and now is the time to get your greens while the getting is good. At Love & Vegetables' pop-up dinner at Earth N' Us Farms this Saturday, you can dig into kale, collard greens, purslane, and lots of other good-for-you stuff grown right onsite.

The event is by donation, and they're suggesting $50 per person or four hours of volunteer time. Pulling weeds in a garden is well worth a dinner this delicious.

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"Our garden is overflowing with collard greens, a couple kinds of kale, there's perslane growing, we have fresh papayas on the farm," chef Keith Kalmanowicz says. "It's the season right now. In South Florida, there's only about a month left with a lot of the greens, so we want to use them all up."

Kalmanowicz and co-chef Avril Johnnidis have been hosting the vegan pop-ups for a couple years, but this is the first one in 2014. While past dinners have been attended by up to 90 people, they're planning to keep this one a bit smaller. All events are hosted on the farm's breezy back deck.

"We're keeping it simple, more intimate," Kalmanowicz says.

The dinner will consist of a multi-course tasting menu, says Kalmanowicz, and each course will include at least one raw item.

"One thing I want to try in this meal is to add cooling effects to the dinner. A lot of people have a lot of fire in their bodies. I do -- I'm hot and sweaty and very acidic. Everything I try to do in my diet is to balance that by eating more cooling food, more raw foods, so I'm not running around like a sweat ball," he laughs.

Diners will have energy afterward, he adds. "It will be really fresh, really green, really cooling in its purpose."

To snag tickets for Saturday's event, sign up for the Love & Vegetables mailing list and you'll get email instructions. You can also check out the Facebook event for details and visit the Love & Vegetables website . The dinner kicks off Saturday at 7 p.m. at Earth N' Us Farms in Little Haiti.

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